Carolina Jazz Festival 2012

A deconstructed musical staff visualizes the distinctive qualities of jazz to announce the UNC Music Department’s annual festival.

Founded in 1977, the Carolina Jazz Festival not only sponsors internationally renowned virtuosos, but it also hosts performances by local and campus artists and a competition between North Carolina high school jazz ensembles. Visiting artists provide workshop sessions for college students and jam sessions for the general public, among other events.

This poster, showcasing the 35th annual Carolina Jazz Festival, illustrates a gradually undulating musical staff to represent jazz’ improvisational nature. Jazz moves fluidly, swaying in and out of musical styles. Jazz doesn’t play by rules. Jazz breaks music up and reassembles it. Jazz syncopates and swings. The design also references the scientific appearance of sound waves. The poster established the style for other print designs for the festival, including performer certificates, a calendar-of-events postcard, images for the event programs, and a display of sponsors and donors.