Graphite Creative

The simple but profound act of putting pencil to paper inspires a new identity for a graphic design and photography studio.

Graphite Creative is a graphic design and photography studio based in Alexandria, Virginia. Its clients include everything from small businesses to some of the largest NGOs and political organizations in the country. What began as a promotional campaign for the studio turned into a comprehensive rebranding, right down to the name. I developed a new logo, website, stationery, signage, proposals, ads, and various promotions. The identity embraces Swiss design principles in its faithful adherence to grids, limited color palette, and generous white space, but incorporates actual pencil scribbles for texture and interest.

The wordmark is entirely custom and drawn by hand. A synthesis of various grotesque influences, the letterforms feature details like spurs and curved terminals to add warmth and distinctiveness.

I also developed the messaging, including the tagline (“It starts with a mark. Let’s make yours.”), website copy, proposal copy, and the overall verbal tone, which is friendly, unassuming, irreverent, earnest, and relatable—a reflection of the founder’s personality and the family feel of the studio.

Website loading animation
Holiday card, 2017
Holiday card, 2017, in progress
Holiday card, 2018. See project ⟶
Proposal excerpts
T-shirt design