Marketing & Design Windows

A mesmerizing geometric pattern complements window tinting and intrigues passers-by.

When Marketing & Design moved to its newly renovated office in the summer of 2012, the floor-to-ceiling windows were a big hit. However, as winter approached and the angle of the sun dropped, a problem became apparent: office assistants were being blinded by bright, direct sunlight.

Situated on the first floor and facing the main road cutting through campus, the office location was ideal, but we were doing little to broadcast our presence to the constant stream of vehicle and foot traffic. In order to take advantage of the site’s public nature, I decided not only to research window tinting, but to look into the possibility of designing a decorative film as well.

I created a dazzling geometric mesh of triangles. The pattern fades in density from the top to bottom, creating a lacy gradient. The tint is mounted to the back and the pattern is applied to the front, creating a slight mirrored effect which changes in intensity in response to the light. The office is rendered distinct from those around it, giving it a more intriguing storefront-like appearance.

Most importantly, perhaps, office assistants no longer have to wear sunglasses to work.

The pattern takes on a different appearance when viewed from inside the office.
The pattern is composed of almost 50,000 triangles. If their segments were stretched out end-to-end, the resulting line would be over a mile long.